List of selected publications

by T.V.Murzina

  1. O.A. Aktsipetrov, E.A. Gan'shina, V.S. Guschin, T.V. Misuryaev, T.V. Murzina. Magneto-induced second harmonic generation and magneto-optical Kerr effect in Co-Cu granular films. Journal of MMM 80 (1999) 196-197.
  2. O.A. Aktsipetrov, N.V. Didenko, A.A. Fedyanin, G.B. Khomutov, and T.V. Murzina. Magnetic properties of Gd-containing Langmuir-Blodgett films studied by magneto-induced optical second harmonic generation. Journal of Molecular Materials 1999, accepted.
  3. A.A. Fedyanin, T.V. Misuryaev, T.V. Murzina, and O.A. Aktsipetrov. The role of the interference effects in the enhancement of the magnetization induced second harmonic generation. Journal of Applied Physics B, 1999, accepted.
  4. T.V. Murzina, E.A. Ganshina, S.V. Guschin, T.V. Misuryaev, and O.A. Aktsipetrov. Nonlinear Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect and Second Harmonic Generation Interferometry in Co-Cu Granular Films. Appl. Phys. Lett. 73, 3769 (1998).
  5. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.A. Fedyanin, A.V. Melnikov, E.D. Mishina, and T.V. Murzina. Second Harmonic Generation as a Nondestructive Readout of Optical (photo(electro)chromic and magnetic) Memories. Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 37, 122 (1998).
  6. O.A. Aktsipetrov, V.F. Dorfman, E.D. Mishina, T.V. Murzina, Yu.N. Moiseev, V.I. Panov, and B.N. Pipkin. Second-harmonic generation and scanning tunneling - atomic-force microscopy studies of tungsten-doped amorphous-carbon films// Thin Solid Films, 305, 341 (1997).
  7. O.A. Aktsipetrov, V.A. Aleshkevich, A.V. Melnikov, T.V. Misuryaev, T.V. Murzina, V.V. Randoshkin. Magnetic field induced effects in optical second harmonic generation from iron-garnet films.// JMMM, 1997, v. 165, p. 421.
  8. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.A. Fedyanin, T.V. Murzina, G.P. Borisevich, and A.A. Kononenko. Electro- and photoinduced effects in optical SHG and hyper Rayleigh scattering from thin films of bacteriorhodopsin.// J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 1997, v. 14, p. 771.
  9. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.V. Melnikov, T.V. Murzina, A.A. Nikulin, A.N. Rubtsov DC-electric-field-induced optical second harmonic generation at the smooth metal-electrolyte interface // Surf. Science, 1995, v. 336, p. 225.
  10. O.A. Aktsipetrov, E.D. Mishina, T.V. Murzina, N.N. Akhmediev, and V.R. Novak. The photoinduced anisotropy of second harmonic generation in monolayered Langmuir-Blogett films// Thin Solid Films, 1995, v. 256, p. 176.
  11. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.V. Melnikov, Yu.N. Moiseev, T.V. Murzina, C.W. van Hasselt, Th. Rasing, and G. Rikken. Second harmonic generation and atomic-force microscopy studies of porous silicon// Appl. Phys. Let., 1995, v. 67, p. 1191.
  12. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.A. Fedyanin, V.N. Golovkina, and T.V. Murzina. Optical second-harmonic generation induced by a dc electric field at the Si-SiO2 interface// Optics Letters, 1994, v. 19, p. 1450.
  13. O.A. Aktsipetrov, I.M. Baranova, K.N. Evtyukhov, T.V. Murzina, and I.V. Chernyi. Reflected second harmonic in degenerate semiconductors - nonlinear electroreflection under conditions of surface degeneracy. Kvantovaya Electron. (Moscow), 19, 869 (1992).
  14. O.A Aktsipetrov, I.M. Baranova, L.V. Grigor'eva, K.N. Evtyukhov, E.D. Mishina, T.V. Murzina, and I.V. Chernyi. Second harmonic generation at the semiconductor-electrolyte interface and a study of silicon surface by the method of nonlinear electric reflection. Kvantovaya Electron. (Moscow), 18, 943 (1991) (Sov. J. Quantum Electron. 20 (1990) 259).
  15. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.V. Ermushev, V.E. Kasarinov, T.V. Murzina, A.V. Petukhov, and S.K. Sigalaev. Electronic surface states of metal electrode and resonant mechanism of nonlinear electroreflection. Soviet Electrochimiya, 26, 191 (1990).
  16. O.A. Aktsipetrov, E.D. Mishina, T.V. Murzina, A.V. Petukhov, and A.L. Petukhova. Violation of the Bunsen-Roscoe law and the "memory" effect in the photoactivation of SERS and surface-enhanced SHG. Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 305, 1096 (1989) (Sov. Phys. Dokl. 34, 348 (1989)).
  17. O.A. Aktsipetrov, A.M. Brodskii, L.I. Daikhin, A.V. Ermushev, T.V. Murzina, A.V. Petukhov, S.K. Sigalaev, and A.M. Funtikov. Electron surface states at a metal-electrolyte interface and nonlinear electroreflection mechanizm. Pis'ma Zh. Tech. Fiz. 15, 33 (1989) (Sov. Tech. Phys. Lett. 15, 550 (1989)).
  18. O.A. Aktsipetrov, E.D. Mishina, T.V. Murzina, A.V. Petukhov, and A.L. Petukhova. Photoactivation mechanism and Bunsen-Roscoe law in surface-enchanced Raman scattering and surface-enchanced second harmonic. Pis'ma Zh. Exsp. Teor. Fiz. 45, 407 (1987) (JETP Lett. 45, 518 (1987)).

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